Преподаватели школы «Алгоритм»
Российско-китайская программа школы Двойная программа школы

Рудаков Джастин

Преподаватель английского языка и литературы
Формат: Очно и онлайн.


Опыт работы:
  • English Street Club Non Profit Organisation.

Профессиональные навыки и достижения: 
  • High student score in OGE / EGE;
  • Member of Algorythm Pedagogy Workshop;
  • Teacher of English in Algorythm;
  • Preparation for Primary and Keys stage 1/2/3 British curriculum tests;
  • Preparation for EILTS / SAT / ACT.
Достижения учеников: 
  • High score in OGE / EGE in English language;
  • Enhancement and confidence with usage of English Language;
  • Passing of British Key tests as well as enrollment into the desired schools;
  • Passing on IELTS and success enrollment into the desired university program;

Принципы работы: “I seek first to understand before being understood”.

Увлечения и хобби: “I like to DJ as I am not musically gifted but due to the modern day technology it’s makes things a lot simpler. I started to partake in this hobby when I was 13 and it captivated me how you can mix and connect different type of music.
I read a lot. Mainly due to the fact that I’m always hungry for knowledge but also with the purpose of expanding my vocabulary and having a bigger scope of things available for discussion. Extreme sports and traveling is another hobby of mine which I like to enjoy whenever such an opportunity comes around. In general teaching started as some small time gig and then evolved into a career which has me fascinated as it seems I have a natural knack for it”.