Школа «Алгоритм»


Выпускница High School Diploma
Alexandra graduated from the Russian and American programmes at Algorithm this summer. She is now on her way to achieving her dream and attaining a degree in Marketing from York University, Canada.
(Интервью на языке оригинала)
I realized that I need to study English three years ago, and I started to study really hard and to improve my skills. I fell in love with America and I wanted to be like the Americans. I understand that in every country there are many different people, but American people appeal to me, and the opportunities and infrastructure of the country are also promising.

The American course at Algorithm was like a combination of entertainment and studying. We were preparing ourselves for life in America. In the literature course, we not only had basic literary analysis, but we also had some social studies and social skills, preparing for university. For me it’s very hard to find a good book. On this course, however, everything was really interesting. I enjoyed William Shakespeare’s Macbeth the most, which I did not expect.

I chose to study Marketing at university because I have always been creative, but have also enjoyed logical and analytical things. I believe that photography is an art. Four years ago, I realized that I could take good photos. I bought a good camera and now I take it everywhere I go. I especially landscapes and sunset photographs.

For a long time, I was lost and did not know what to choose — Economics or Art. Marketing is a combination of Economics and creativity. In the future, I see myself working in brand managing, promoting brands and making small brands bigger.

I searched for the best universities for Marketing. Berkeley, Stanford and York University in Canada were among the best. Originally, I wanted to be in California. First, I researched Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), but the course for marketing was better elsewhere.

I’ve been to America three times already; I looked at different cities, the culture and the people. They weren’t just tourist trip; we lived in an Airbnb, experienced living in different places and got to know the cities. The third time I went to UCLA for a youth programme. I believe that in America you have more jobs and more opportunities for my future career in marketing.