British school in Moscow

Russian-British school Algorithm is:

  • An opportunity to complete your secondary education and successfully prepare to enter the best universities in Russia and around the world.
  • We offer both Russian and British school programmes, with graduates receiving Russian and (or) British certificates of education.
  • We are the only international school in the Russian Federation, whose students were accepted to The University of Oxford.
  • In 2019 71% of graduates got A and A* for A-Level exams, 60% of graduates got A and A* for GCSE exams
  • In 2016-2019, 34 graduates went on to study at leading British, American and European universities; 16 to MGIMO, 43 to Moscow State University, and 43 to the Higher School of Economics
  • At our school, you may sit British A-level and GCSE school exams, as well as the Oxford and Cambridge entrance examinations.

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