Sophie, A-Level graduate

Sophie is a professional musician, who has written and recorded music her own songs, and competed on Russian TV show The Voice Kids (Голос. Дети). Sophie’s dream is to develop herself in music production and push her career to the next step in the United States.

How did you pick your universities?

I applied to Berklee College, to NYU, and a couple of others. I wanted to go to NYU to study Music Technology. I went to Berklee summer programmes for four years, so I have known about it for a long time. My friend, who helps me with music, found out about NYU, because he lives in New York. I decided to apply to it because it’s the perfect fit for me. I already know music theory; I know how to play piano, I know how to sing, but I want to learn more about music technology, how to work with different software, like Logic and Pro tools. My goal is to write music all on my own. I already write music, but I am helped by some beatmakers and producers. I want to write songs, mix them and master them by myself.

I decided to do music when I was 5 years old. For me, music is a way of expressing your thoughts and emotions. I feel that music is a sort of art, it’s like painting your emotions, but through musical notes, rather than colours.

How difficult was the application process?

It was really difficult for NYU. I spent hours and hours filling in the application form. It asked for information about your parents, about you, about your financial situation, your grades, recommendation letters. Then there was also a specific form for music technology; I needed to write 3 essays, send a couple of songs, my picture. The essays were pretty long, and I needed to write two more for the general application. For Berkelee, there was only one essay. It was optional to send some of your music, but there was an audition, and I went to Boston to do it, which was fun. There was sight-reading, ear training, clapping back the rhythms, you needed to play or sing a piece.

How are you finding your A-levels?

I went to a British school, ISM, in 2015. I wanted to graduate early, at 15, and ISM wouldn’t let me do that. So, I applied to Algorithm and am finishing this year. I like to analyse things, which is why I chose to study History and Literature.


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