Over 70% of our students, studying any international program, continue with their Russian program through final 2 years and take final EGE exams, obtaining “Attestat o polnom obshem obrazovanii”.

The combination of international and Russian school programs overseas or in Russia requires changes in student’s approach to studying. Attending regular Russian school 5 days a week with 6-8 lessons per day is not possible. Students need to switch to alternative intensive or online programs to allow themselves more time for the UK or US programs. All administrative and logistical matters associated with such a shift are managed and supervised by Algorithm A* specialists. This approach allows us to achieve maximum efficiency, redistribute time between programs and utilize a synergy effect from studying common subjects in two programs – mathematics, sciences and languages.



All compulsory Russian school subjects

EGE (Year 11 final exams) in Russian language and Mathematics are compulsory. Students, who apply to Russian universities, take additional EGE or EGEs in required subjects, depending on the university of choice (usually 1-2 additional subjects are taken).


15-35 thousand roubles per month


Assessments according to schedule

Year 11 students need to take EGE exams in two compulsory and one-two elective subjects