About US school

The US High School Diploma programme at Algorithm A* is intended primarily for students who plan to continue their studies at universities in the US and Canada.

In any American school, the grade system is based on credits. This means that in order to obtain the American diploma it is necessary to collect a certain number of credits for each of the subjects and areas of study. The Algorithm A*American high school programme lasts two or three years, with the length of study determined by the age of the student and their level of English.

Algorithm A* American school in Moscow is directly connected with the Russian school and academic achievement in the Russian school curriculum.

Six subjects are studied as part of the American high school programme: English Language for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th American classes, US History and Government. Credits for other subjects, including humanitarian disciplines and sciences, are calculated from the assessments of the Russian school curriculum. For this reason, at the time of admission to the American program, a student’s performance in all subjects is important. The received credits form the grade point average (weighted GPA), which is one of the key criteria for US university admission offices when selecting potential students.

It is important to understand that an American diploma does not guarantee direct entry into US universities. If the student plans to study at a higher educational institution, and not at a community college, it is necessary to take the SAT or ACT test, and, often, the SAT Subject Tests in the required subjects. In itself, the American diploma does not guarantee admission to universities in countries other than the United States and Canada, in contrast to the British A-level.

The Algorithm A* American program should be chosen for students who would like to study the school curriculum of another country, improve their knowledge of English through familiarity with the literature, culture and history of the United States, and obtain a double Russian and American diploma. When considering the candidacy of foreign students, American universities will almost certainly give preference to those who apply on an equal footing with residents, having obtained their country’s school diploma. A nice addition to attaining an American diploma is the absence of the need to take TOEFL, as studying English at an American school is a guarantee of a language level corresponding to American university standards.

In the event that a student requires pre-university English-language preparation in Mathematics, Sciences, Economics and other subjects, or if America and Canada are not the sole countries of university application, it is worth considering the British school programme.